Hiking Madonna Mtn with my parents and boyfriend on my birthday.

Welcome to The Delicious Ways!

My name is Raquel and I live in San Luis Obispo, California. I came here in 2009 to study Biology at Cal Poly, and I would love to stay here for the rest of my life. This wonderful little town is full of endless possibilities, from the premier restaurants, to the local Farmer's Market; from the amazing surrounding landscape, to the quaint downtown.

This blog is where I will share my latest SLO adventures. I will focus mainly on the food I make at home, often using fresh local ingredients. I try very hard to incorporate my love of food into my healthy lifestyle, so most of the recipes you will find here are low-fat and vegetarian or vegan. However, my sweet tooth sometimes calls, and you'll find things I bake just every now and then to satisfy it. I will also include local restaurant reviews, entertainment possibilities, and outdoor activities.

Take a look around, and enjoy your wasted time... deliciously!